Length of race course confirmed

By yesterday’s post-race measurement the race course has been confirmed to be long enough.
The wrongly shortened first lap was 1765 m, the added last (15th) lap was 790 m long. The actual course length with 100.055 km is within the desired range of 1/1000 normally used for Jones-Counter measurements.
Hence all achieved performances can be included into rankings and record applications can be prepared.

The LOC wants to sincerely apologize for this error caused by us. We know that we put a lot of psychological and physical stress to some officials having to fix the problem during the race and especially to the athletes, who could not be sure that their good performances can be ratified.
As we are also runners we know how this uncertainty might have felt.

Today in the evening there will be available all 55 correctly annotated split times on the website of the time keeper . After that we will prepare the documentation for the recognition of the European record and the 4 world age best performances.