Qualifying performances necessary for senior world championships (WMA)?

No qualifying performances are required to participate in the WMA Senior World Championships.

Participation is possible for all those who have turned 35 years of age by 26.08.2022 at the latest. Registration is possible by the athlete him/herself. The national federation will check the national specifics. In Germany, this is the possession of a start pass with a German athletics federation.

A nomination from the national federation is required for participation in the official IAU World Championships.

It’s going on ….

The local organisation commitee for the 100k World Championships have their hands full: Aquire partners and sponsors, coordinate details of the track, planing of the opening ceremony and flag parade, extending the website, booking hotel rooms, concretize agreements with the IAU und WMA and so on. There’s a lot of work – but all is on a good way and so it’s also fun.

And when another step is finished, we will keep you up to date here.