Opening ceremony in Bernau

Flag Parade, Opening Ceremony, Pasta Party

Opening Ceremonies

The approx. 150- 200 participants of the IAU will leave the hotel around 13:30 and make their way directly to Bernau to the Stadtwerke. They will arrive there around 14:45.

At the opening ceremony it is to be expected that then

  • approx. 150-200 participants of the IAU
  • approx. 50-100 attendants
  • with appropriate publicity also about 75-100 runners of the WMA (World Masters Association)

    will participate. In total there will be about 275-400 participants.

    The WMA participants have the possibility to reach Bernau in about 45 minutes by S-Bahn from Berlin Alexanderplatz. The same applies to the return journey by train instead of bus for all participants shortening the Pasta Party.

    Flag Parade

    The flag parade will start at 15:00. Flag bearers will be waiting “An der Stadtmauer”, where each nation will assemble. With the last nation (Germany), everyone will run the approx. 400m route from the starting point “An der Stadtmauer” to the Steintor. The WMA participants, if they have not already gathered at the Steintor, will find themselves at the end of the procession and follow the IAU athletes. The finish line is then the square in front of the Stadthalle at the Steintor. The flag parade ends here.

    The square in front of the Steintor is filled with WMA participants and spectators in addition to the IAU athletes and support staff. The nations arrive and are presented to the spectators on a stage. Once all the nations have arrived, the IAU athletes and coaches proceed to the official opening ceremony in the Stadthalle.

Opening ceremony

The actual opening ceremony will then take place in the Stadthalle am Steintor. The IAU participants will be led into the hall to their seats.

Depending on the weather situation, it is better to have a covered area for the opening ceremony. Seating for the participants is an advantage.

The opening ceremony with speeches (approx. 30 min) and cultural programme (6-10 min) will follow at 16:00.

The opening ceremony will then last until 17:00 at the most.

Pasta Party

As the IAU participants will have their pasta party at the hotel at around 6 p.m., otherwise it will be too late, it makes sense to offer everyone a drink (e.g. water, apple juice,… 0.5l) and a snack. At the entrance to the hall, offer everyone a drink (e.g. water, apple juice,… 0.5l) and a small snack (pastry, pretzel, biscuit packet).

The participants of the WMA could be offered regular pasta for a fee if there is enough space on the forecourt or in the Külzpark. It should also be possible to organise that this option can be booked in advance by the WMA participants.

Tables and benches will be set up in the outdoor area of the hall and the outdoor food distribution will be organised there. This would make it possible to start serving pasta to the WMA participants as early as 16:00.

Everyone could then start their return journey from the Steintor at 17:00. The return to the hotel should not be after 18:00.

The Stadthalle is very centrally located near the railway station, so that the return journey of WMA participants coming from Berlin is also very easy.