Race course

All infos to the race course are in the planning. There may be changes in the future.

The course is following the Wandlitzer Chaussee including an extension from the roundabout in southern direction.

With this setting ….

  • the course is 7.5 km long and 500 runners can run on it without problems
  • the course is attractive because you see your opponents
  • the organisation ist easy and the costs can be kept relatively low
  • supporters and runners are nearby – there are no long distances from end to end
  • the Bauhaus monument, on of the attractions of Bernau, is nearby

Running direction
With the current planning with the running direction “against the clock” the catering for the runners (IAU VP zone) is after the finish line. This is an advantage for the runners, because they can communicate their wishes to their supporters before they pass the finish line.

Start area
The start ist planned for 6:30 AM.

The start areas of IAU and WMA are separated.

Catering area for the runners

On the Hans-Wittwer Straße at the crossing with

Placed at the outer turn, for not interfering with the IAU runners.

Finish area

Near the common catering area.
With this position there are the following advantages:

  • a long finish straight
  • much space left and right on the parking lot
  • an easy path to the nations tent and the gym

Lap length

With an opening part of 2.5 km and 13 more rounds with a length of 7.5 km, there are the following distances, when the runners cross the starting line:

2.5 km 10.0 km 17.5 km 25.0 km 32.5 km 40.0 km 47.5 km
55.0 km 62.5 km 70.0 km 77.5 km 85.0 km 92.5 km 100.0 km

There is a time measurement installed at 2.5 km which provides all other important split times.
So there are additional splits at the following distances:

Es liegen dann noch diese weiteren Zwischenzeiten vor:

  5.0 km 12.5 km 22.0 km 27.5 km 35.0 km 42.5 km
50.0 km 57.5 km 65.0 km 72.5 km 80.0 km 87.5 km 95.0 km