Registration WMA

We welcome your interest in the 100k masters world championships of World Masters Athletics (WMA) in Bernau bei Berlin, Germany, August 27th 2022.
Please take note that with your registration you also agree to the terms and conditions of the ‘Agreement, Consent and Release’ Waiver

Registration deadline is 31st July 2022.

  1. I understand that with my registration to the World Championship I sign a binding agreement between me, WMA and the LOC.
  2. I also understand that with my registration I follow the outlined Anti-Doping protocol and agree to the possibility of being tested.
  3. I also understand that I must apply for an therapeutic use exemption (TUE) to the WMA Anti-Doping and Medical Committee in case of taking any banned substances under the WADA Code

Please follow this link to the WMA Event Registration Form

Please note:

  • No qualifying performance is required for the WMA World Masters Championships, but athletes must be members of their respective national masters athletics association. For Germany, this is given by having a license for an athletics club affiliated with the DLV.
  • The age categories in 5-year increments are M/F35, M/F40, M/F45, … M/F80, M/F85.
    The age category is determined by the age of the athlete on the day of the competition. This is different from Germany and many other countries, where age group membership depends on age at the end of the year. At the WMA race, the exact date of birth is taken into account and not the year of birth. Therefore, the age category in which you will compete in Bernau may differ from the age category in your home country.
  • Athletes aged 35 and over who are registered for the IAU world championships by their national athletics federation must register for the WMA championships individually via the link above if they also want to be ranked in their age category in the WMA world championships. There is no age category ranking at the IAU world championships, only ranks 1-3 in the men and women race.