Technical regulations WMA

There is no open race but the World Masters Championships, which are embedded in this event, will be held in parallel. The best masters athletes from all over the world will compete for the titles of the world masters champion at the same time. Due to an agreement between the two federations IAU and WMA, both world championships are held in one event.

You can find comprehensive information for download in this General Information Sheet (GIS WMA), currently version 2022-05-25.

  • World Masters Athletics (WMA) , founded in 1977, hosts championships for age classes 35 and older.
  • The WMA Championship 100K awards medals for placing 1 to 3 in the WMA’s official five-year age-groups. M/F35, M/F40, M/F45, … M/F80, M/F85
  • The athlete’s age category is decided by the athlete’s age on the first day of competition. This way of age category calculation is different from many countries (e.g. Germany, France, Italy), where age group membership depends on the age at the end of the year. At the WMA race, the exact date of birth is decisive and not the year of birth. Hence at the WMA race it might be that you run in a another age category than in your home country.
  • The minimum age is 35 or above for both men and women to qualify for the Masters Race.
  • There is no qualifying performance required for entering the WMA race, but the athlete have to be member of their countries Masters Athletics Member Organization to compete in the WMA 100 km World Championships. Your National Member Organization will be asked to verify your membership, otherwise you are not eligible. For many countries this is given by a license for your national athletics federation. See table below.
  • Also athletes appointed to the national teams of the IAU World Championships and who are 35 years or older have to register separately for the WMA race if they want to be ranked in their age group in the WMA 100 km Masters World Championships. There is no age category ranking at the IAU world championships, only ranks 1-3 in the men and women race and national teams.
  • Registration deadline is 31-Jul-2022 midnight EST (US East coast, GMT-4).

Requirements for applicants of different countries set by their member Federation

Country Membership / License Required Additional Fee
Algeria License Number  
Belgium Start Number  
Brazil BRA Number  
Cameroon CMR Membership Number  
Canada Athletics Canada Membership Number  
Colombia Atlemaster Colombia License Number  
Cyprus CYP Membership Number  
Finland   10.00 €
France FFA License Number  
French Polynesia PYF License Number  
Germany DLV-Startpass-Nummer  
Ghana Ghana Membership Number  
Great Britain and Northern Ireland BMAF Club & Membership No. 10.00 €
Ireland   15.00 €
Israel Israeli Bib  
Italy FIDAL Membership Number  
Jamaica JMAA Membership Number  
Japan JMA Number 30.00 €
Kenya Athletics Kenya Masters Number  
Nepal Nepal Masters Athletics Association Number  
Netherlands Atletiekunie Membership Number  
New Zealand NZMA Membership Number 5.00 €
Nigeria   15.00 €
Norway Norwegian Athletics License Number 15.00 €
Poland   10.00 €
Portugal FPA License Number 10.00 €
South Africa ASA License Number  
Spain RFEA License Number  
Switzerland Swiss Athletics License Number  
Tunisia TUN Membership Number  
Turkey License Number  
United States of America USATF Membership Number  

In Sveti Martin 2018 a total of 275 runners were classified. The share of women was almost 40% and shows that the share of women in ultra marathon running is higher than in other running disciplines.