100k World Championships since 1987

Year State, City Year State, City
1987 Belgium, Torhout 2003 Taiwan, Tainan
1988 Spain, Santander 2004 The Netherlands, Winschoten
1989 France, Paris 2005 Japan, Kitami
1990 USA, Duluth 2006 South Korea, Misari-Seoul
1991 Italy, Florenz-Faenza 2007 The Netherlands, Winschoten
1992 Spain, Palamós 2008 Italien, Tuscania-Tarquinia
1993 Belgium, Torhout 2009 Belgium, Torhout
1994 Japan, Kitami 2010 Gibraltar, Gibraltar
1995 The Netherlands, Winschoten 2011 The Netherlands, Winschoten
1996 Russia, Moskau 2012 Italy, Seregno
1997 The Netherlands, Winschoten 2013 canceled
1998 Japan, Nakamura 2014 Katar, Doha
1999 France, Chavagnes-en-Paillers 2015 The Netherlands, Winschoten
2000 The Netherlands, Winschoten 2016 Spain, Los Alcázares
2001 France, Cléder 2018 Croatia, Sveti Martin na Muri
2002 Belgium, Torhout    

World Championships 2018 in Croatia
In a large field of 109 women and 143 men from 41 countries at the IAU 30 th 100 km World Championships in Croatia, the German national team achieved sensational success in both the women‘s and men‘s races and was rewarded with silver (women‘s individual) and bronze (men‘s team).
Nele Alder-Baerens not only won the silver medal with 7:22:41 hours just behind Nikolina Sustic CRO), but also set a new hearing-impaired world record. The eventual champion and runner-up were never more than two minutes apart through the entirety of this very tight race. In remaining only two minutes apart over the entire duration of the race these athletes delivered a duel that was enthusiastically followed by the international spectators aling the side of the course.
Leading up to the event the German men‘s team was ranked in 9 th place. However, they were able to sensationally fight their way up to 3 rd place thanks to a finish in the last 15 km, where they were able to oust the USA, relegating the American team to 4 th place with a combined lead of three minutes. Japan won gold with three men finishing in the top four ahead of a second place South Africa. Integrated in the competition were the WMA Senior World Championships, in which Germany won three gold medals and one silver.