Information for WMA athletes 100km Berlin-Bernau

Dear WMA athletes,

(Mail content from 13.08.2022)

Starter list

In the meantime registration is closed and most applications were accepted by the member federations and/or WMA.

138 applications, 132 accepted, 65 of those also compete in the IAU race.

You can find the final list here, also containing the best performance of each athlete in the 100 km:

Travel, COVID measures and arrival to Berlin:

There are currently no health related travel restrictions for entering Germany. All COVID measures have been lifted. Nevertheless there might be measures in your home country or for entering a plane. We advise to contact your airline/carrier before traveling to see what the updated requirements are for entering a plane or train.

The LOC advises everybody to wear a medical masks in public places even if it is not mandatory to protect yourself, especially indoors and outdoors when there are gatherings of people

Within Germany in public transport (train, busses) a medical mask is mandatory. Please bring a mask with you since you will be needing it for traveling from the airport to the hotel in Berlin and also for the shuttle bus from the hotel to Bernau.

There will be no pickup or LOC info stand at the airport since it is very easy to access the recommended public transport. Public transport to downtown Berlin is cheaper and faster than using a car. The process from arrival zone at the airport to getting to the public transport area at the airport and buying a ticket is described and visualized by pictures in the Arrival guide on our website

There are visa requirements for entering Germany for some countries. Please, if you haven´t done so already, check and see what is required of you here:

National shirt

For all participants, also for the WMA athletes it is mandatory to wear the national jersey, not your club shirt.

In WMA Championships all competitors must wear a competition top that is approved by their national Masters Member, otherwise you can’t participate. Please ask your member federation about the approved jersey tops for WMA athletes and how to get one if you don´t already have one.

For athletes from German these can be bought here:

Accreditation, race number pickup

You can pick up your race number at two places. Please bring an ID card or passport to verify your age.

1. H2 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 32, 10178 Berlin

  • Wednesday 24-Aug 14-19 h (2-7 pm)
  • Thursday 25-Aug 14-19 h (2-7 pm)
  • Friday 26-Aug 9-12 h (9 – 12 am) and 19-21 h (7 – 9 pm)

2. City Event Hall (Stadthalle) Bernau, Hussitenstraße 1, 16321 Bernau bei Berlin (300 m from train station Bernau),
during flag parade, opening ceremony, pasta party

Friday 26-Aug 15-17:30 h (3 pm- 5:30 pm)
(please note that the time given in the General Information Sheet [GIS] has been updated to the above time)

3. At finish line in the Bauhaus monument Bundesschule Bernau.

Saturday 27-Aug 5:15-6:00 h (5:15 – 6 am) only as an exception for late arrivals on Friday. Please confirm late pickup with


There will be one full-stocked refreshment station provided by LOC for WMA athletes near finish line.

  • If you are only part of the WMA race then there will be a zone where WMA athletes can put their personal refreshments (ca 200 m before the from official refreshment station at finish) There will be tables, but no tents.
  • If you are also part of IAU race, then you have to (no exceptions) put your personal refreshment into the tents provided for IAU teams and are not allowed (reason for disqualification) to pick up any refreshments at the WMA refreshment stand.

In both cases you have to transport and place your personal refreshments there yourself, no service from LOC.

There is an additional small refreshment station provided by LOC near the turning point on the north end of the race course, ca. 3-4 km away from finish. This will have water and sponges only, no other food or drinks, no personal refreshment possible there.

Shuttle buses Berlin to Bernau

If you stay in H2 hotel then the shuttle bus to Bernau (Friday and Saturday) is free, if you want to use it without staying in H2 hotel, then it is 15 Euro to Bernau and return on Friday and again on Saturday. Please pay when picking up your race number.

The bus on Saturday to Bernau is only provided in the morning so that the athletes arrive there on time. Saturday afternoon/evening from Bernau back to Berlin there are several buses at various times.


If you come with your own car then it is possible to use the big parking lot towards the gymnasium.

  • The parking lot has to be entered before 5:00 h (5 am) on 27-Aug
  • The parking lot can only be left after the race has finished in the evening after 19:30 h (7:30 pm) on 27-Aug. Absolutely no exceptions for earlier departures possible. If you have to leave earlier then you have to park (Lanker Str., 16321 Bernau) ca 1.1 km away.


It is possible to stay on the big parking lot towards the gymnasium the night before the race.

  • Only self-contained campers with toilet, absolutely no tents
  • There are no public facilities (no water, no electricity, no toilet). In the morning from 5:00 h (5 am) there will be toilets and showers in the gymnasium.
  • The parking lot can be left only after the race has finished in the evening after 19:30 h (7.30 pm) on 27-Aug. Absolutely no exceptions for earlier departures possible. If you need to leave earlier, then you have to move your camper van to the parking lot (Lanker Str., 16321 Bernau) 1.1 km away before 5:00 h (5 am) on 27-Aug.

Awards ceremony

Takes place Saturday evening 20:30 h (8:30 pm) in the H2 hotel in Berlin, first IAU, then WMA medalists.

See you all in two weeks in Berlin.

Viele Grüße / Kind regards / Cordialement / Saluti / Saludos

Qualifikationsleistungen für die Seniorenweltmeisterschaft notwendig?

Um an der Seniorenweltmeisterschaft der WMA teilnehmen zu können, müssen keine Qualifikationsleistungen erbracht werden. Eine Teilnahme ist für alle möglich, die am 26.08.2022 spätestens 35 Jahre alt geworden sind. Eine Registrierung ist durch den/die Athleten:In selbst möglich. Der nationale Verband prüft die nationalen Besonderheiten. Dies ist in Deutschland der Besitz eines Startpasses bei einem deutschen Leichtathletikverband.

Für die Teilnahme an den offiziellen Weltmeisterschaften der IAU bedarf es eine Nominierung des nationalen Verbands.